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I offer pre-registered classes with the City of Ottawa, corporate classes, private group classes and privates. Classes are offered in all levels including advanced, moderate and gentle. To book please email: yoga@monicaclara.com 

​​2018 - 2019
The fall session of corporates and privates runs Sept 10 - Dec 14.
Winter: Jan 15 - March 29. Spring: April to end of June.

Classes offered through the City of Ottawa:

Wednesday Nights 7:30 - 9 pm 

Rideauview Community Centre   4310 Shoreline Drive​​

Fall Session 2018: Sept 19 - Dec ​12

Course Code: 139 85 45

For full details and to sign up: http://join.ottawa.ca/fac/179/fall/adult/act/159/#

Asana practice should be a harmonious experience, never a struggle. The manner of breathing into a wind instrument - a flute for instance - can create either a grating screech or a melodious song. The body, too, is an instrument. If used skillfully, as in the unison of movement and breath, the resulting posture is a useful and harmonious experience. When performed with the graceful orchestration of all its parts, asana can become a music of the body, breath and mind. Such music moves everything it touches. ~ A.G. MOHAN