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There is a scholarship and systemization that is the basis to Hatha Yoga.
This is what Mark Whitwell and my other teachers have taught me.
Some of the primary principles practiced in classes are:
*Classes follow proper sequencing.
*We adapt the yoga to suit and respect our individual needs.
*We stay within the comfort of the breath. We work but do not force.

*Asana is strength receiving. These are nurturing practices.
*The body movement is the breath movement.
*The breath envelopes the movement and its four parts are given time and space.
*Asana serves bandha, and bandha serves breath.
*Asana, pranayama, and meditation are practiced together as a seamless process.

I encourage my students to have their own home practice, a short period of time each day. 
Classes will be focused and fun.

Together, we will work and be compassionate with ourselves and empathetic with others.